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Houseless and homeless not the same thing

I now refer to myself as 'houseless'. That term 'homeless' is not only worn out but the stigma attached to it is more power than society deserves, considering how thier apathy only helps the system target people, as well as those who take part for protection and profit/benefit.

It has become a 'slide': a term that when used, the moment someone hears it and processes the term, it creates a block from them thinking beyond a pre set or preconceived idea or notion or ideal.

Kind of like 'conspiracy' or 'Hitler' etc.  These sort of terms are used in cultural psych warfare to imprison a subjectmatter so that the mind of the person in that culture immediately turns off to any open mindedness concerning said subject.

You can hide alot of corruption behind slides..usually in plain site.  So long as people discredit the subjectmatter actively or continuously add dis info to it causing confusion or doubt.

The term 'homeless' just works in favor of the system at this point. 

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